“In The Brawl” Release

It’s a pleasure to announce you that “In The Brawl” is already available on our website and will also be available on Itunes on January 8th. A lot of you have been asking for a CD release… then CD released it will be too! Stay tuned to know how to get your CD copy! For now, you can access our store and grab yourself a digital copy!

New Website

Welcome to our brand new website!

Here you’ll find everything Aquafight related! You can find the lastest news about our artists, our releases, our upcoming events… just everything! All that is possible because of Split An Atom‘s amazing team. If you want an amazing website that represent you, have a look at their website and contact them right now! They also do pretty killer app development for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

Enjoy your visit! for any questions or comments, write to us!

-Aquafight Records Team